Purposeful Yoga

In our purposeful yoga class, the basic principles of breath, posture and focus are combined and taught in a simple, yet powerful way.


At Bodywork, we bring purpose to our work on the mat, entering into energies which improve our awareness and balance, our strength and responsibility, our flexibility and ability to allow joy into our everyday lives. Come join us!



The classes are 75 minutes and generally are on the advanced beginner level. A mix of warm-ups, Sun Salutations, linked standing poses, and various body orientations (lying, sitting, standing,etc.) and work with the breath and mind create an atmosphere that opens to whatever depth each of us is able to enter.



Mark guides and adjusts the classes--one only needs a willingness to feel better !

Current Purposeful Yoga Schedule :


Mondays   9:00am

Tuesdays   6:15pm

Wednesdays  6:15pm

Thursdays  9:00am w/Christine

Saturdays   900 am w/Christine


All classes are 75 minutes.

Please join us at anytime.



Single Class $18


5 Classes $75


Monthly Unlimited $100



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