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Our purpose here is healing and advancing deeper into our human potential. Our belief is that we have a reason for our being and it is our purpose to work with our talents and our difficulties to bring about this realization.  We are inclusive and invite anyone wanting to work with their bodies, minds, and hearts to join us.


The services of massage, yoga, and spiritual studies rendered by owner, teacher, bodyworker - Mark Sternig, have the singular goal of improving our conscious contact with increasingly more inward truths.



With our Restorative Massage one's entire being is relaxed and aligned to what is more meaningful.  We work in a healing energy which impacts all of our "bodies" from skin inward to spirit.  Light and heavy touch are employed according to need.


Mat Massage is a wonderful modality of bodywork with stretches, pressure, and some movement in treatment.  The receiver wears stretchy clothing and the work is done on a cushioned mat.


Purposeful Yoga offers us the opportunity to practice on the mat the way we would like to be off the mat.  And in being more pure-pose-full in our Yoga, the intent is to move more inward in our being where a more clear reason for our being is shining. We then practice union with this more inward value while in a more outward form--our bodies.


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